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Sequence of how baby teeth come out

Now that your little one is pushing out his or her first teeth are you wondering in what sequence baby teeth usually appear? Well – as it turns out the good people of the “Journal of American Dental Association” already did some research back in 1974 to answer exactly that question. The results of the research have led to an averaged out “eruption sequence” (i.e. the order in which teeth appear) for baby teeth.

baby teeth Sequence of how baby teeth come out
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Eruption Sequence of baby teeth (also called “Deciduous Teeth” or “Primary Teeth”) in months after birth:

TeethAverage “eruption” time (in months after birth)
1) Lower central incisor8 months
2) Upper central incisor10 months
3) Upper lateral incisor11 months
4) Lower lateral incisor13 months
5) Lower first molar16 months
6) Upper first molar16 months
7) Upper canine19 months
8) Lower canine20 months
9) Lower second molar27 months
10) Upper second molar29 months

Eruption time averages have been calculated among the general population (US). They are average values, so the variation can range ±6 months.

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70 Responses to Sequence of how baby teeth come out

  1. Anonymous says:

    very good blog for a father, specially a new dad :)

  2. stefan says:

    Hey Teknoliz – you need to go and see a dentist I think …


  3. teknoliz says:

    Hey I’m 12 and my second upper molar has not come out yet . Why is that ? It hurts like crazy !

  4. anonymous says:

    Erm this is an interesting fact about me and my sister.We both only have 3 insicors in the lower teeth. We both are grown-ups. We are not twins but my mum is one. We have been to the x-ray and dont seen to have another tooth underneath . Is that normal? A dentist told my sis that it is pretty rare.

  5. Gorge says:

    Hi! My son is 9 years old and one of his upper front teeth(central incisor) is about to fall. Will a new teeth still grow to replace the old one??

  6. stefan says:

    Not that I’m competent to answer this question but I think the number of incisors actually varies between 4 and 2. Surprised to hear that your dentist wouldn’t have a view on that?!?


  7. stefan says:

    Hi Gorge – your dentist should be able to confirm with an XRay.


  8. GinnyF says:

    It is interesting to me that you are missing some teeth. My family has that trait too. I am going to be in a study at the University of Michigan for members of our family with that trait. I would really like for you to contact me if they let you!

  9. Debi says:

    Hey, I’m 15 years old, almost 16, and I lost my left lateral inscisor forever ago. I still have my right inscisor though, and it is the last of my baby teeth left. But I have congenitally missing teeth for my adult two inscisors. And so now, my left canine has scooted forward to near where my left inscisor should be, and a couple of my others are too. But anyway, my dentist hasn’t even mentioned braces. I got a new dentist a year ago. My old dentist mentioned it though. And I know I’m going to need implants if I don’t want to look like some hillbilly, four actually because I chipped my two front inscisors and it screwed the nerves or something up. Yet, my younger brother has gotten braces already, and he just has a few crooked teeth. And I’m missing teeth, and have crooked teeth, and I’m older, I don’t want to look dumb as a senior. I look like a child enough as it is. People still think I look like a twelve year old. :/

  10. stefan says:

    Hey Debi – thanks for you comment. Quit unusual that you’ve still got your baby teeth. I definitely think you need to get a second or third opinion from a dentist. It may not be that comfortable to run around with braces for a while – but hey … you’ll probably glad you did it when you’re older.

    It sucks going to the dentist … I’ve been putting it off for months now, so I really need to man up and just do it.

    Anyway – hope you end up getting good advice and get it all sorted!


  11. anymous says:

    Heyy Im 14 Years old almost 15 And my first molar camee out! its it gonna grow back up .?

  12. Fadz says:

    hi, im 18 and on my lower teeth, the tooth next to the central incisor, has what seems to be a tiny hole or scratch that i can feel with my tongue, i can feel the rugged edges, it seems quite that gonna cause any strength problems with the tooth and what could happen..its like as if the tooth was chipped from the inside of my mouth by the tooth brush, i was told it could be a bit of low calcium intake..thanks for ur help

  13. stefan says:

    Hey – all of you with any tooth issue, you really need to go and see a dentist. We are really not qualified to provide any advice on specific dental problems.

    Best wishes – Stef

  14. Kim says:

    I am 14 and right upper lateral incisors have not come out, but it is shaking, will I still get a tooth after this drop?

  15. Betty says:

    In between the my left lower 1st molar and 2nd molar, I had a sliver of a tooth growing. I also had a couple of my top adult teeth congenitally missing. Why do I have and extra “tooth” growing?

  16. anonymous says:

    My 10 year old daughter is getting a new tooth underneath her top left second molar. I thought that was a permanent tooth. Should I assume it is a baby tooth that should fall out and be replaced? Thanks.

  17. anonymous says:

    What most parents do not realize: Yes, baby teeth are temporary, but cavities and worse stuff still do hurt. Attitudes not to take care too much, because they will be replaced soon by real teeth make me sick.

    My wife used to work at a dentist’s office as a dental assistant and she said it was shocking how much less most of the parents could care for their childrens’ baby teeth.

  18. rebecca says:

    hi am 12 years old nearly 13 my canine has come out on the top 3rd to the right and i am scared it is a permanent one. what do i do?

  19. admin says:

    In all cases you should go and see a dentist if you are at all unsure about anything that’s happening with your teeth.


  20. anonymous says:

    Im thirteen i have already lost my two front teeth. will they fall out???

  21. anonymous says:

    Wake up! It’s not that they don’t care- they don’t have the money!!! It make me sick to see how high the insurance cost is and how less and less families could afford medical care.

  22. New Mom says:

    My 9 month old son’s two lower central incisors have grown, but instead of the upper central incisors growing next, his two upper lateral incisors are growing with a huge gap in the middle where his two upper central incisors should be. Is this normal, and will this not affect how the central teeth grow and form?

    • kiran says:


      i am having the same problem wit my son did your childs middle teeth come in after and if so was it normal?


  23. tayeb says:

    hi one of my molar is starting to like come out and i thougt that all molars are perminent

  24. anonymous says:

    I am 11 and my bottom, left first molar is wobbly. I went to a dentist a while ago ( sometime last year ) and a lady put some sort of sealing thing on it ( not a filling, something to protect my teeth ), saying she would put it on the ‘adult’ molars. But now the ‘adult’ molar is wobbly… Should it come out now? I’ve read that these molars should come out at around 6 years of age, but I don’t remember losing any molars. Is this normal?

  25. anonymous says:

    that happened to me they grew back.

  26. stefan says:

    Hey DeeAnna – we are certainly no experts in dentistry but I don’t think there is a reason to be concerned. Please remember the timing is based on averages … so there is a probably quite a wide variance in there. I have heard of babies who were born with teeth (!)

    Best wishes


  27. DeeAnna says:

    my 12 month old has just budded her first two mollers. She has been getting teeth since she was 4 months old. Is there is a reason that her teeth are coming in ahead of time? Should i be concerned with her teeth coming in early?

  28. anonymous says:

    Hi. I am about to lose my upper 2nd molar (right side) for the first time. I would like to know if it grows back or not.

  29. RF says:

    My 8 months old baby girl has 10 teeth!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. anonymous says:

    Molars are not permanent and generally fall out around 9-12 years of age. I started losing my baby teeth at age 5 and lost my molars when I was 10.

  31. kayemc says:

    My 6 month old grand daughter has 7 teeth!!!

  32. anonymous says:

    Ummm same here but on the top.. the middle molar is loose.. and my dad said its not supposed to fall out.. but.. it is and its scary lolz :P

  33. michelle says:

    my baby is now 21 months and has a full mouth of primary teeth = 20!!!! started teethin four teeth at once from 4 months onwards.

  34. engineer kamran says:

    my baby who is just above 5 months but he react like that his teeth is growing. due to this he has stomach problem Daria and lose motion etc

  35. stefan says:

    What you do is you go to the dentist and have your teeth checked …


  36. tooth says:

    ummmmm….. are u sure i am 10 right now and i bit on a hard piece of popcorn and now my molers loose and i dont know what to do your advice was reliving but i still want to make sure but still thanks for the advice :P – tooth

  37. anonymous says:

    I am worried for my 10 months old baby she still not crawling or her teeths didn’t come out. Could you explain me please

  38. anonymous says:

    My five month old has 8 teeth!!!!!!

  39. anonymous says:

    My Son has just turned 7 months. His lower central incisor grew at 5 months. However, his upper canine (cuspid) have started to grow. Is that normal, or should I be concerned?

  40. anonymous says:

    My baby girl is five months old got her first teeth at 3.5 months and already has 8 now!

  41. chelsy says:

    Sometimes if you use orajel it will prolong the teeth, this is so that you will keep buying orajel. If not, then i would ask a doctor. As for the crawling, sometimes babies will skip this step and go straight to walking. As long as his legs look strong and can hold himself up while you are holding him, I would not be too worried!

    Sincerely, Chelsy

  42. Abigail Giri says:

    Excellent blog right here!

  43. Dr. Hamfrey Portland says:

    Again, seeing your baby’s first set of teeth is PRICELESS. It’ll be nice if you can somehow capture a photograph of your baby’s teeth. That will be a nice thing to show him when he grows up. Enjoy, Stef!

  44. Dr. D.C. Reeves says:

    Every parent would really find it interesting to know and to take a look at how their babies’ teeth are growing. I know that they all look forward to the first tooth, then the second tooth until their babies have more 5 teeth!

  45. tooth worrier says:

    I am glad you decided to post the research. I was freaking out when I just noticed my 10-1/2 month old was getting his 1st molars on the top. His teeth have a bit of a gap in the top and all I was thinking was the k9s were coming in way in the back. It also nice to now know why he has been fussy… never expected the molars to already come in! :) thanks again!

  46. stefan says:

    Hey tooth worrier – I’m with you 100% … Noah has just had all 4 molars (first molars) in ONE GO! The drooling, the nappy rash, the pain … the stains. Ah well – we got through it and now he’s the happy owner of 4 molars which come in really handy for chewing.

    All the best!


  47. Momz says:

    My son started getting teeth at 5mths. He’s now 27 months and has 20 teeth :) And I have to say it has not been bad at all, I was dreading teething for him, but not so much of a cry or fever, there was just a lot of drool, lol

  48. stefan says:

    Thanks Momz – good to know that they always come out sooner or later. In most stats I’ve seen it says that all 20 teeth should be there by the time they are 3.


  49. I Renick says:

    My granddaughter is 7 months old and got her first two lower cental incisors at 3 mos. Now we see that her upper lateral incisor has emerged before her upper central have come in…is there cause for concern?

  50. stefan says:

    Hi I Renick – based on the stories we have heard from other parents I don’t think there is any cause for concern. It happens quite frequently that teeth don’t come out in sequence (which is what happened with our little boy as well – see The word we got from dentists is that they generally don’t check children’s teeth until they are 2 or 3 years old (depending on where you live). The central incisors of your grand daughter will probably come out in a few weeks anyway. As always, if you are worried about something just check with a health care professional – even if it’s just to put your own mind at ease.

    Best wishes


  51. anonymous says:

    you are doing a good job

  52. Aili says:

    Hi there,

    i am a mama from China.My mixed daughter almost 1 year now, has no single tooth.Shall we go to doctor and cut the gum? anybody has some idea
    thank you sooooo much for some tips

  53. stefan says:

    Hi Aili – I’d highly recommend checking with a specialist before you opt for any drastic procedures like cutting the gum. As mentioned we are aware of several parents whose babies have not shown any signs of teeth until they were 12 months or more.


  54. zhaun says:

    Based on that chart, if I understand correctly, the lower central incisors come through at 8 months old. I am 29 years old and still have my lower central incisors(baby teeth). The last time I had my teeth checked which was 2 years ago I didn’t have any cavities on any of my teeth. My question then is at which age should the lower central incisor baby teeth have been replaced by adult teeth?

  55. admin says:

    Hi Zhaun – thanks for your comment. We’re no dentists of course so we can’t really answer your question comprehensively. Children usually loose their 1st set of teeth some time between the age of 5 and 9, but again this age range can vary significantly from one child to the next. I have also heard of adults still having their 1st set of teeth. Perhaps it just means you’ve got really good dental hygiene.

    Best wishes,


  56. anonymous says:

    hi my daughter is 8 years old in january, she doesnt seem to have developed her upper lateral incisors 2 im concerned coz my dentist says she should have them or they should of started to come through by now could you please tell me why or how this happens

  57. stefan says:

    Hey – we’re really not qualified to give an opinion here … especially since you’ve already asked your dentist. I’d suggest you get a 2nd opinion from another dentist (or a few other dentists) to see what can be done. Surely they would have done an X-Ray now to see whether the teeth are still in the jaw and are likely to come out when she loses her baby teeth?

    Anyway – good luck and good health!


  58. bb says:

    Very useful information

  59. Big Daddy says:

    My son had his lower central incisors at 8 months; now at 9 1/2 months, he is showing his upper lateral incisors but only 1 instead of 2. Is this common?

  60. Jodi says:

    My daughter is doing EXACTLY the same thing, that is why I found this website!! She is also 9 1/2 mos.

  61. sally says:

    yes all my friends children and my childern have it but after they go by falling out so don’t worry

  62. chelsy says:

    My first born was 5 months when his bottom two teeth came in. Then two weeks later his two top teeth came in. After this almost every two weeks he got in new teeth. They came in at four at a time. By the time he was 9 months he had all his teeth. My four month old now is teething, but no teeth in yet. All babies will teeth at different times. There is no exact time-line.

  63. maria says:

    My daughter is 10 years old and i just noticed her second upper molar permanent was wiggling is that normal??

  64. Ajiboye Babajide says:

    My baby is 10 months old and the upper incisor is out while the lower ones are yet to come out from the gums.

  65. anonymous says:

    my daughter is 14 months and has her Lower central incisors Upper central incisors Upper lateral incisors Lower lateral incisors Lower first molars
    Upper first molars Upper canines an a bottom canine coming in

  66. William Ruto says:

    Very interesting. My baby’s only 4 months and already teething. Keeping me awake all night long.

  67. anonymous says:

    My son is 19 months and just now getting his first set of lower molars in. It’s been a long and painful process for him (and us!) as he’s always gumming something to help soothe the pain. And, the drooling…he’s still wearing bibs because he drools so much. I feel sorry for the poor guy!

    At any rate, this is just proof that every child is different when it comes to teething.

  68. anonymous says:

    My baby got his teeth when he was 3.25 months.

  69. Anonymous says:

    My baby is two months old and a half and is already teething. He skinners a lot and gets fuzzy. He has all these symptoms.
    Drooling (which can lead to a facial rash)
    Gum swelling and sensitivity
    Irritability or fussiness
    Biting behavior
    Refusing food
    Sleep problems

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