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Teething in pictures

If you have ever wondered what it looks like when baby teeth first emerge – have a look at the following sequence of images that show how baby teeth come out. For a description of the teething sequence by month (after a birth) – check out our article on the baby teeth eruption sequence.

Stage 1 – you will notice a swelling of the gums at certain areas of the mouth (usually at the front where the lower or upper incisors will appear). The actual teeth are not visible yet but you might see the hint of an opening in the gum.
baby teething sequence 1 Teething in pictures

Stage 2 – you will notice an opening in the gum and a tiny showing of the tip of the teeth. It is quite common for two teeth to emerge at the same time or shortly after one another.
baby teething sequence 2 Teething in pictures

Stage 3 – the teeth are now clearly visible and are in the process of growing to the full size of baby teeth.
baby teething sequence3 Teething in pictures

Stage 4 – the teeth are now grown to their full size (of baby teeth) after the eruption. They will keep growing over the next few years and will start falling out from about age 5 onwards.
baby teething sequence4 Teething in pictures

Happy teething – enjoy,


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