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The father son camping trip

The father son camping trip is a great tradition; in fact it is so common that it has moved into the realm of clichés and cheesy movies. So does this mean you shouldn’t do a camping trip with your children for fear of being considered “uncool”. Nope. It’s still a very cool “dad thing” to do … just watch all the cheesy movies first and avoid any clichés? So get out your sleeping bags – this tradition is one worth keeping.

Unplug your kids
The world of many kids and teens these days is full of distractions: iPods, TV, Facebook and YouTube are always there to entertain, and it’s often quite hard to just sit with the kids and have a decent chat. Escaping to the wild will take all these distractions away and suddenly it’s just you and the kids (scary thought, right? well worth it though).

There’s also a “back to basics” element to camping … putting up a tent, getting a campfire going, preparing food, etc – a perfect time to shine as a dad and show your kids how it’s done (perhaps read the tent manual first though). If you haven’t got a tent yet, check out a cool 2 man tent here.

Even if you just camp in your own backyard it’s still a pretty good experience – so get out there and get camping!

By David McKenzie

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