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Tips to Raising Financially Savvy Children – Free Video

We’ve just received a media release from Vince Shorb at the Financial Educators Council about a give away they have just launched on their site. It’s a video for parents on raising financially savvy children which is free for the first 10’000 people downloading it from the MoneySmartParent website.

Here’s what you do if you are interested:
Visit and enter Coupon code: 10KPROMO (No credit card required). You will then receive an email with your log in information so you can access the video and other tools. Watch the video, check out the tools and share what you learned with your kids – It will change their lives!

By Vince Shorb
Financial Educators Council

3 Responses to Tips to Raising Financially Savvy Children – Free Video

  1. stefan says:

    Thanks Keith – let us know if you want to post a review!


  2. Keith Wilcox says:

    excellent. I was actually just looking for information on teaching kids some financial responsibility. Very good resource.

  3. roger says:

    Additionally, the financial dictionary includes Featuring definitions of more than 5,000 terms, 1000 plus articles, and 500 pages of in-depth tutorials relating to investing, appeals primarily to users who want to learn the language of investments.

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