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Top 10 Things not to say after your partner has had a baby

dont say it Top 10 Things not to say after your partner has had a baby
1. Are you sure it’s mine it doesn’t look like it?

2. She is so cute can we have another?

3. When is your tummy going to go down, is there still a bubby in there?

4. Your boobs are big can I touch them?

5. When can we have sex?

6. Can you feed her tonight I’ll do her next one in the morning!

7. When can we go away just the two of us?

8. I’m going out with the boys for a drink on Friday – I won’t be late!

9. What’s for tea?

10. Things around the house are sliding aren’t they?


2 Responses to Top 10 Things not to say after your partner has had a baby

  1. Lance says:

    I reckon there are a few more (no, they are not from experience. Honest. er….really! er…. um…. here they are:)

    - What’s that awful smell? Smells like sour milk and….oh, sorry luv.

    - When’s your Mum going home again?

    - How long do you reckon before you go back to work again?

    - I think I need some personal time. I never get to do what I want any more.

    - I do all the hard work around here.

    - I’m working late tonight (nb: if already said more than once this week)

    - Why is the car always out of petrol when I go to use it? Why have I got no clean clothes for work? Why are there so many toys in the lounge (nb: each one of these gets the same reaction – trust me!)

    - Ok. So what HAVE you been doing today?

  2. Peter says:

    The one that got me into trouble right after the birth was…

    See, no problem.

    I was thinking “Why did I say that” while the retaliation was in mid-flight.

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