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Top 25 websites for dads

I just found out about a good effort by Richard Hemby who runs an online education blog. He compiled a top 25 list of websites for fathers. We’re happy to see that made the cut – check out his article and list of websites.

By Richard Hemby:

Many kids grow up believing that their dad is really a superhero in disguise. Unfortunately, regardless of how heartwarming this innocent belief is, dads are human beings too. Some may be human superheroes or superhero humans, but sometimes they need a little help from an invisible sidekick.

Dads vary in personality, appearance, thinking, knowledge, experiences, etc. Keeping the various needs of each unique dad in mind, we have compiled a Top 25 Dad Sites List! In this list, dads can get expert parent advice, look up particular topics (like how to talk to a teenage son or daughter), learn more about what fatherhood means, get some tips from other dads, and learn from the experiences of other dads through blogs dedicated to fatherhood.

* – This is a great community site for dads who want to discuss their experiences with other dads. It’s still a growing site, but it’s an excellent place to find support!

* – This site is a parenting community site where there are literally thousands of parenting articles, questions are answered quickly, stories from experience are exchanged, and more! Best part: membership is free.

* – Just became a dad or soon will be but don’t know where to start? This site provides information and newsletters for new and expecting dads as well as dads of young kids.

* – Not sure what to do once the baby arrives? Not sure how to react to your wife’s changes in behavior? This site explains it all with parenting guides and information about the changes that come with pregnancy.

* – The National Center for Fathering has a great site for dads in all situations, be it at-home, adoptive, etc. Check it out for tips, information, articles, events, fathers in the news, and more!

Check out for the full list of websites.



4 Responses to Top 25 websites for dads

  1. OM says:

    How come I wasn’t listed? This is an outrage, and he will hear from my attorney. Sorry, ATTORNEYS.

  2. stefan says:

    Hey OM – man … it’s a jungle out there :-)


  3. Keith Wilcox says:

    Excellent list! I use minti but I’ve never been to the others. Gotta check them out. Thanks for the new resource!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Very good information …. Thanks guys …

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